In the Pink at Everything Mary

February 19, 2014

After a crazy move to our new offices, I am happy to say Everything Mary is finally “In the Pink”.  And even happier to have my new office just the way I pictured it. Is is so comfortable and homey. At least to me. Most people say they could never work in an office like mine with all the color. I know I may seem crazy but color soothes my soul. A day without color is definitely like a day without sunshine.

This is the third week in the new home of Everything Mary and still lot’s to do before we get settled but for most of us we at least have our offices finished. Guess who has the best?????

Love these pics on my wall.

My new sofa, it was screaming my name and I had to treat myself!

Can’t wait for you to see our showroom when it is finished.

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