I Like Orange... Seriously!

June 02, 2014

With as much as I go on about pink, it’s crazy, I know.  But, to my surprise I like orange, gold AND yellow. While that might not seem like a big deal, coming from me this is quite a feat and definitely wasn’t always the case.  When I was a teenager – and before I discovered all that is Pink! – my first crochet project was a vest, which I made out of orange, gold, green and brown yarn. I wore it a lot as it was very in style for the 60’s. As I got older red became my favorite color ( including 8 pairs of red high heels) and then somewhere along the line I graduated.  To pink!

A few years ago I took a course in color and trends. We were asked to fill out a lengthy questionnaire on color. Questions like how do you feel about the color orange? A) Love, B) Like

Orange 2I really thought there was no hope for me. Lately though, in studying color and trends for our craft storage business I have realized I like orange, yellow and gold. I think while looking through at all the great color pallets on Pinterest , I have found a greater appreciation for those colors, and now we use them much more frequently in our scrapbook, sewing, and knitting products! Don’t get me wrong I like a good, orange color palette, but I Love Pink. For me this is at least a start that I am willing to use small amounts of orange, yellow and gold in some of my projects.C) It’s OK D) Not crazy about it E) Don’t like at all. Of course mine was E.  There were several pages of questions. I thought they were going to analyze how color affects us and what it tells about our personality. Boy was I wrong! The whole questionnaire was meant to show us that as a color expert , especially when studying trends, we should like all colors. Much to my surprise I failed badly.

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