Mary and RileyMary Taylor’s first craft project at four years old, was a skirt she made for her doll. The skirt was made from strips of Kleenex, woven in a basket weave and then taped together. From then on there has been no limit to what Mary has been able to create.

You could best describe Mary as a fiber artist. Athough Mary loves fabric, she is not content to create in just one medium. Her love of brilliant color infuses every aspect of her work. Whether it is hand painting fine silk, designing exquisitely detailed accessories, crocheting unique designs, or handcrafting dazzling jewelry, Mary’s art is sure to inspire you.

A friend once said to Mary, “you need to pick one medium to work with instead of trying to do every craft there is”. Mary’s response was, “I can’t do just one thing, I like Everything!” This was the birth of the name Everything Mary®.

Mary has designed and sold much of her work throughout her lifetime. She has been designing professionally for Everything Mary®, a craft and storage based company, for the past 8 years. Many of her designs can be found under the Everything Mary® label in stores nationwide. If you love crochet as much as she does, you can check out some of her favorite crochet products on You Tube:

You may also have seen Mary on national TV, she has introduced several of her products and ideas on the popular shopping network QVC.